Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coriander/Cilantro chutney

We all know about coriander chutney moreover....but i wish share a my grandma's prep...I like it very much....And I wish to share....


Coriander leaf - 1 cup ( Washed and stem removed)
Shallots - 10 nos (peeled and chopped)
Tomato - 1 chopped
Red chilly - 3
mint leaf - 5 nos
Garlic - 3 nos peeled
Chana dal - 1 sp
Urad dal ( whole ) - 1 sp
Coriander seeds - 1 sp
cumin seeds - 1 sp
Tamarind (optional ) - just piece
Coconut grated - 5 sp
salt to taste

For Garnish :

oil - 2 sp
mustard seed - 1sp
urad dal (splitted ) - 1sp
Curry leaf - 2-3


1.Fry chanadal,uraddal,corainder seed,cumin seed, red chilly until slight golden brown kept aside.
2.Fry Corainder leaf and mint leaf until leaf shrinks.
3.Heat oil in pan add shallots,tomato,garlic fry until raw smell goes.
4.Put all 1,2,3 in blender with coconut and salt ,blend it to smooth or chutney consistency.
5.Heat oil add urad dal and mustard ..after splutter add curry leaf garnish ..serve with rice,dosa ,Idly


Gulmohar said...

Comforting chutney...this so versatile and I love it :-) Nice recipe Aruna !

Jagruti said...

Lovely chutney and yummy looking chutney...:-))

kitchen queen said...

appetising and delicious tempting chutney.

Priya said...

My fav chutney, looks yummy..

Sushma Mallya said...

Nice recipe,will try ur version next time...

Anu said...

Please do collect your awards from my blog..

AshKuku said...


WOW!!! Totally yummy with rice & dal.... I would enjoy i to the core.....

Kindly accept & collect your TOFAS from my space...... Thank You,

Happy Valentines Day!!!!


Devi said...

Yummmy chutney!!.. I like it!:).. looks delicious!!.. and colorful!:)

ARUNA said...

Yummy dish!

s said...

must try it ur way..we dont add tomato..but it sounds delicious!

Ramya Manja said...

Wow Cilantro chutney is looking very colorful,clicks r making it more tempting...Makes a great combo with curd rice,dosas....

Maria Mcclain said...

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